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go trojans!

Thornapple Kellogg High School


go trojans!

Thornapple Kellogg High School

go trojans!

Thornapple Kellogg High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

1 year ago @ 7:14AM

Girls Varsity Cross Country Places 8th and Sends One to the State Finals

Game Date
Oct 29, 2022


Overall, the story of this meet was about how our team rallied around each other. Each year I have been the coach, the JV girls have opted not to run on regional day to be fully available to provide support for the girls that are running varsity. After our last runner crossed the line this morning, and I finally made my way to the runner’s corral past the finish line, I saw a team victory.  Our girls were surrounding each other with love and support. Hugs were being given, high fives were being delivered, and both with different intent. There was cause for honoring excellent finishes, and there was a call for sympathy and empathy; both were fully delivered on both fronts by both our JV support crew and each of the girls who had run.

It was a great day to run and I have yet to see our girls give less than 100% of what they have. 

Ava Crews emptied the tank like a champion while battling to punch her ticket to the State Finals.

Lindsey Velting took a leadership role and had another consistent race and finished second for us. She’s still the glue.

Mady Kietzman put together an outstanding performance to finish third for us.

Emma Thompson ramped it up and put together a great race and landed a season record!

Lucy VanDemark, who was suffering from hip issues the two days leading into this race matched every effort she has given all year but didn’t have the race I’m sure she would have liked. 

Holly Velting, ever the warrior, gave everything her body allowed her to give, and although she was disappointed in her performance, nobody was disappointed in her.

Kate Powers gave it what she had and rounded out the top seven in very respectable fashion.

Our girls showed up on the line ready to give it their all, and they did. 

On paper, there was every reason to believe that Ava would once again qualify for the State Finals, but having previous races in the books does not grant you instant access into the Michigan International Speedway where the finals are held. You have to show up and earn it…and she did. Nice work Ava!

When the top 15 finishers were announced at the awards ceremony there weren’t louder cheers than there were for Ava. Yes there was polite clapping from opposing teams, but it was her team that was so happy for her and happy for us that she would be representing us once again in the big dance.

I am proud of all of our girls today. I’m proud of our girls that ran and I’m proud of the girls that were on hand for their cross country sisters.

Next we will turn-around on Monday and everyone who is able will lace up and we will look to defend the title of Barry County Champions on our home course.

I appreciate you ladies.