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go trojans!

Thornapple Kellogg High School


go trojans!

Thornapple Kellogg High School

go trojans!

Thornapple Kellogg High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

7 months ago

Girls Varsity Cross Country vs. Region 13, Division 13

Game Date
Oct 26, 2019


Region 13, Division 13

With all of our girls giving every ounce of energy, and five out of seven of them having season personal records (PRs), I could not have asked for more. We knew going in that it would take a really special day for us, and the stars would have to be aligned just right to get out of the regional, but we also knew we had a legitimate shot at making that happen. With this in mind and with laser focus, the girls left it all out on the course today and I could not be prouder. Our girls represented our team and TK with the kind of pride, class, and tradition we have come to expect from them. Our girls are all in every single day, and though they are not champions on paper today, they definitely have the hearts and minds of champions. 

Sophomore Jessie Durkee, who has led our team all year, once again did her part, getting one of us up at the pointy-end of the race. She looked strong, confident, and determined from beginning to end. She placed 6th overall, in a time of 19:36, and with that, she qualified for the state meet! We are all very excited for Jessie. She’s worked super hard for this, and even though she would have preferred our whole team qualified with her, she is certainly deserving of this honor.

Senior Audrey Meyering was second for us today, running a very solid 20:23, which is only a couple seconds off her season PR. Audrey has been strong for us all season and really got after it once again, because that’s what leaders do.

Next was sophomore Kendall Snyder, scoring a PR in 20:31. Kendall is like a quiet storm. She is mild mannered and unassuming, but she packs a serious punch. She had a great race and laid on the line for our team today.

Following her, was senior Elizabeth Meyering, in a PR of  20:56. Elizabeth really stepped it up today. She knows how to fight for it, and she certainly did today! She was strong from start to finish and showed true leadership out there.

Freshman Madison Nagel ripped up the course in a PR of 21:13. Maddie has been solid all season, and today was no exception. Although she’s a freshman, she raced like a veteran today and gave it all she had.

Next was freshman Lucy VanDemark, who finished in 21:55. This was a tough day for Lucy. She willed herself forward and combatted not only with the course and other athletes, but with her body that wasn’t cooperating with what she had in mind. Lucy is as tough as they come.

Rounding out our team today was freshman Lindsey Velting, who also landed a PR in 21:57. Lindsey also understood the importance of this race and what it meant to us. She has worked so hard all season and really got it done.

Yeah, you’re darn right we wanted to be in the top three and move on as a team to state, but we weren’t alone. Every team came to do battle today, and they didn’t disappoint.  The teams that beat us, did just that. We didn’t lose to anyone today, we simply were out performed. I can always live with that. All of our girls gave maximum effort all race long. Our girls challenged themselves, challenged each other, and none of them backed down, not even when facing adversity. 

We wanted to be the OK Gold team leaving the region today, but hats off to South Christian whose team had a fabulous race. We hope they do well at the state meet and represent our conference well.

So this week we will look to have a strong showing at the Barry County Championship Meet on Monday, and then do what we can to keep Jessie sharp and ready to do what Jessie does, at the state meet next weekend, while representing TKHS.
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