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go trojans!

Thornapple Kellogg High School


go trojans!

Thornapple Kellogg High School

go trojans!

Thornapple Kellogg High School

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Game Summary

5 months ago by Sam Wilkinson

Girls Varsity Cross Country vs. TK Coach B Invitational

Game Date
Sep 9, 2019


Thornapple Kellogg-Coach B Invitational

We visited Coach B last Friday, where we had a chance to formally introduce her to our freshman and exchange students. I think it’s important that our new generation of runners stay connected, and to know who Coach B is and what she has done, and as I told the girls before our visit, “You are on this team, in this program that is what it is because of Coach B. I like to think of it as you are living in the house that Coach B built.” I also let them know that even though Coach B has stepped to the side, she very much cares about the program and each one of them. So, it was fantastic that she was on hand, like she always makes time to be, but this time with us bringing home some hardware made it extra special.

First and foremost, my goal for the girls today was for them to compete, but to also try something new to challenge themselves; nothing crazy, but to try something they haven’t to see what they could discover. My secondary goal, which I knew was within our ability, was to finish second to Caledonia, even without one of our top runners, Maddie Nagel who was out with an injury today. These ladies did not disappoint.

Sophomore, Jessica Durkee, once again led the way for us, finishing 1st for us and 5th overall in 21:08. Despite the fact that Jessie had a fantastic effort, she was disappointed with her performance. She has very high expectations for herself, and as a result is harder on herself than she deserves. We needed somebody at the pointy-end of the race, and she came through for us again.

Freshman, Lucy VanDemark was right up there as well, and continues to impress. Lucy is such a gritty runner, and is so much fun to watch. She backs down for nothing and noone. She finished 2nd for us, and 6th overall in a personal best of 21:22.

Sophomore, Kendall Snyder finished 3rd for us, and 14th overall. Kendall continues to gain strength and gave a necessary strong effort for us, helping finish 2nd. She finished in 21:54.

Seniors, Audrey and Elizabeth Meyering continue to be the glue that holds us together, finishing 4th and 5th for us, finishing 19th and 25th overall, and  in 22:08 and 22:43 respectively. Their leadership on this team is invaluable.

Sophomore, Kelsey Smith, and freshman Lindsey Velting both ran a very solid races, coming in 6th and 7th for us, 36th and 37th overall, and in 23:32, and 23:34 respectively. We have some really great groupings of athletes and they are another example of this. They are both solid runners and are making significant contributions to our team.

Additional finishers for us today were Ainsley Oliver (24;17), Gracie DeWent (24:58), Emmie MacDonald (25:06), Emma Thompson (25:22), Haven Beyer (26:17), Clara Argenta-Laorga (27:52), Shayne Krystyniac (28:13), Megan Bargy (28:54), Olivia Landry (30:40), Sila Lemming (30:47), Kristina Cuison (31:20).
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